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Upcoming Events 

October 13-14, 2023

The Speakers

Sara Schenkel

Sara is a beloved daughter of God. She is also a Teacher, holds 2 certificates in biblical counselling from CCEF (Christian Counselling and Education Foundation), is a Wraparound trainer, and a mentor to women of various ages. She takes great joy in walking alongside others and experiencing the transforming power of the gospel together. She is passionate about the importance of doing the inner, reflective work with God that leads to an abundant life of flourishing and walking in freedom, John 10:10. She is excited for the opportunity to teach the Flourish Foundations and to join God in the work He is already doing in our church communities.  Sara loves having deep chats with friends, reading, learning, and going for walks in the back field with her adorable dog Bentley. Sara has been married to Anthony for 29 years and they have 4 kids and 2 daughter-in-laws between the ages of 16-27. She and her husband have just become foster parents welcoming older children into their home.

Andrea Kampen

Andrea is a mom of 4, nana of 2 and life-long student of God’s Word. Her heart’s desire is to share her love for her Lord and His Word with others in both formal and informal settings in her home, the church and community. Andrea has served in various ministries, leading women and children in her local church, in Bible Study Fellowship International and with Women of Worth Conferences. She currently leads Flourish a women’s ministry resource network and is excited to interact with women, digging into God’s Word together for personal growth and in order to walk alongside others well. Andrea has studied Biblical Exposition with Charles Simeon Trust and has recently completed a Masters Degree in Biblical Counselling from Westminster Seminary. She counsels individuals, couples and leads healing groups at Insight Biblical Counseling. She loves coffee, reading, puzzling, swimming in northern Ontario lakes, watching live theatre and holding babies.

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